Couple live-stream into Their own Wedding because Guest were afraid of Coronavirus

When guests discovered the couple had just returned from China, they got worried and declined to attend.
Singapore: a couple from Singapore, who had recently returned from China, live-streamed themselves into their wedding after guests expressed concerns about attending over fears of the novel coronavirus, a media report said on Thursday.
Joseph Yew and his wife Kang Ting, who is from China’s Hunan, visited the Asian giant on January 24 to spend Lunar New Year together with her family, as per the BBC report.
Hunan province borders Hubei, the province where the coronavirus originated.
Yew told the BBC that there had been no sense of panic after they were back in Hunan, especially since part of China they were visiting was quite rural.
They returned on January 30, with their wedding which was about to come upon February 2 in Singapore.
But when guests realized the couple had just returned from China, they began to get worried.
“Some of them said they weren’t coming,” he told the BBC, adding: “We told the guests we will video conference in… and a number of them were shocked… My parents weren’t (happy about it) initially but they eventually agreed.”
Only 110 of 190 guests made it, including Kang’s parents as multiple travel restrictions were put in place amid fears of the virus spreading.
As of Thursday, the coronavirus has killed 563 people in China and has spread to about twenty-four countries.
Singapore has reported 28 cases of the infection up to now – making it the country with the second-highest number of confirmed cases of the virus outside China (28,018) after Japan (45